A Trio Performance features Loreena and two of her long-time musical collaborators, guitarist Brian Hughes and cellist Caroline Lavelle.

This intimate concert series features music and stories inspired by Loreena’s exotic travels in pursuit of the history of the Celts, from China and Mongolia to central Turkey and Ireland, while interlacing the mystical Irish poems of Yeats and such classical writers as Shakespeare and Tennyson.

“Behind The Curtain” – A VIP Experience includes an exciting bundle of PRE-SHOW benefits and is limited to just 20 people per show. READ MORE

Date City Tickets VIP Add On

Mar 28
Milan, IT
Teatro Della Luna
soldout VIP Add On

Mar 29
Stuttgart, DE
soldout VIP Add On

Mar 30
Munich, DE
soldout VIP Add On

Apr 1
Leipzig, DE
Leipzig Arena
VIP Add On

Apr 2
Berlin, DE
soldout VIP Add On

Apr 3
Bielefeld, DE
VIP Add On

Apr 4
Hamburg, DE
Mehr! Theatre
soldout VIP Add On

Apr 5
Amsterdam, NL
Koninklijk Theater Carre
soldout VIP Add On

Apr 6
Eindhoven, NL
VIP Add On



In what promises to be a rare and enriched experience, a limited number of fans will now have an exclusive opportunity to personally meet Loreena before performances on her upcoming A Trio Performance spring tour to the U.K. and E.U. (not available in London)

“Behind The Curtain” – A VIP Experience includes an exciting bundle of PRE-SHOW benefits and is limited to just 20 people per show.

  • Access to the sound check (approx. 15 min.)
  • A guaranteed meet and greet with Loreena.
  • An autographed copy of The Book of Secrets 20th Anniversary Vinyl Box Set, slated for release this March (a €95 value)
  • A photo opportunity with Loreena.
  • A collectors’ VIP pass.

The VIP Experience is an add-on and does NOT include the price of a concert ticket, which must be purchased separately.
While many of Loreena’s 23 spring concerts are now sold out, fans without tickets are still welcome to purchase the “Behind The Curtain” on its own, but unfortunately will not be permitted to stay for the concert itself.
Those purchasing “Behind The Curtain” will be contacted via email by a representative from Loreena’s independent record label, with detailed instructions on where to go and what time to meet prior to the concert.

While Loreena often tries to meet with the general public after performances and will continue to do so, travel schedules and other such constraints occasionally prevent this. “Behind The Curtain” is guaranteed opportunity to meet Loreena.

This experience generally begins three hours prior to the concert, lasting approximately one hour. This will allow patrons the opportunity to enjoy dinner between the experience and the start of the concert.