Celebrating three decades as Canada’s foremost groundbreaking independent artist, Grammy nominated Loreena McKennitt will continue her series of rare and intimate performances in 22 select venues in the South and Midwest U.S. Tickets will go on sale Friday, May 20 at 10:00 AM EST.

A Trio Performance features McKennitt and two of her long-time musical collaborators, guitarist Brian Hughes and cellist Caroline Lavelle.

The third chapter of this intimate concert series will also feature music and stories inspired by McKennitt’s exotic travels in pursuit of the history of the Celts, from China and Mongolia to central Turkey and Ireland, while interlacing the mystical Irish poems of Yeats and such classical writers as Shakespeare and Tennyson.

“Autumn is such a lovely time to tour,” says McKennitt, “and it’s been nine years since we’ve been to these parts of the United States so we’re looking forward to reconnecting with people and places in a very personal way.”