Colouring your world, yellow & red vinyl for The Book of Secrets and The Journey So Far

Due to popular demand and the Renaissance of vinyl, two of Loreena’s recordings been re-released as coloured vinyl.

These records are available at Barnes & Noble in the United States and in Canada through Sunrise Records. For the rest of the world they’re sold through the LM Shop and shipped by our new fulfillment partner Burning Shed.

The Book of Secrets (Yellow Vinyl)
The Journey So Far (Red Vinyl)

Loreena’s legendary 1997 studio album The Book of Secrets, a worldwide chart success which sold over four million copies, was originally mastered by Bob Ludwig and has now been remastered for vinyl by Jeff Wolpert, pressed on transparent yellow 140g vinyl at Record Industry in the Netherlands. It comes with a lavishly printed eight-page 12-by-12-inch booklet containing the original artwork and sleeve notes. The eight tracks feature a supporting cast of more than two dozen musicians and lead the listener on a range of unexpected and exotic journeys of discovery. It also includes the original full-length mix of the international hit single “The Mummers’ Dance”.

We are also rereleasing The Journey So Far – The Best of Loreena McKennitt, a retrospective of career highlights during her first 30 years as a performing artist. The songs are drawn from seven of Loreena’s full-length recordings, reflecting the scope of her music and the diversity of her catalogue. The album features 12 fan favourites, including a remix version of the hit single “The Mummers’ Dance”. Also remastered by Jeff Wolpert, the album has been pressed on transparent red 140g vinyl by Record Industry in the Netherlands and includes the original artwork and credits on a 12-by-12-inch insert.

These are Loreena’s fifth and sixth albums to be pressed on coloured vinyl. Vinyl has seen 17 consecutive years of growth, according to, with more than 43 million vinyl albums sold in the U.S. in 2022 alone, accounting for more than 40 per cent of all record sales – both digital and physical.

“It is so gratifying – and in a way comforting – to see my music in retail stores in a physical form, especially in our digitally-dominated age,” says Loreena. “This tangible format, carried by such distinguished retail destinations as Barnes & Noble, harkens back to a different time and place where we had a more hands-on approach to enjoying the music. It also reinforces our commitment to the role retail plays in bringing the music out into the world.”

While the two albums were also available as black vinyl when they were first released, supplies have been depleted over the years while the interest in coloured vinyl has simultaneously been growing.