Dear LM Community,

Now that we’ve wrapped up our year-long Lost Souls Tour, I wanted to drop everyone a personal note. The tour was a great success and a wonderful experience and we were deeply enriched by connecting with so many of you. And it was thrilling to perform in some fabulously exotic and timeless places. It has also been gratifying to see the release of LIVE AT THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL, which we recorded during the tour.

As fulfilled as I am, I must confess I’m happy to now be able to spend some time at home, reacquaint myself with friends and family, and reconnect with my community. As well, I will now have time to wear some of my ‘other hats’, one of which involves my role as Honorary Colonel of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

As you have likely heard, I recently made the decision to turn my attention to a couple of causes which are very important to me, one of which includes an examination of the unintended impact of technology on children and families. I am pleased to report we’ve begun a discussion on a local level and have screened two thought-provoking documentaries on the subject, entitled Screenagers and Screenagers: Next Chapter, here at the Falstaff Family Centre in my home base Stratford, Canada. This is just the beginning as I endeavor to unfold a broader examination of this topic and pursue meaningful discussions.

In the months ahead, I will also be giving further thought to our current climate crisis and I look forward to investigating how I might improve my personal and professional activities to minimize their impact on our environment.

While all this stock-taking evolves, we do not intend to embark on any full-scale tours or major projects. Having said that, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that there may be a special event or request we might be able to honour. We promise to keep you informed.

In the meantime, my insatiable curiosity continues to motivate me to learn more about subjects connected to music, including music therapy. I recently listened to a fascinating radio program by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) which explored the role of music and dissent. Anyone else who’s interested can listen to it here.

Finally, I wish to thank all of you who offered such kind words and best wishes after our last concert in Sherbrooke, Québec a few weeks ago. As always, your messages of support are deeply appreciated.