Loreena took to the road this October on what was her first Latin American tour. The four-city, six-performance tour proved to be a huge success, drawing welcoming crowds in both Brazil and Argentina. The tour kicked off in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 25 and included performances in the Brazilian cities of Porto Alegre on October 27 and Rio de Janeiro on October 29, winding up in São Paulo on October 31.

“I was literally overwhelmed by the enthusiasm, generosity and good spirits of the Argentinean and Brazilian audiences,” said Loreena. “The tour was very rewarding and I’m extremely grateful for the reception we received. I’m already looking forward to returning, especially to El Abrazo Tango Club, where we enjoyed a few hours of lessons with Zeraida Fontclara and Diego Alvaro.”

During the tour, Loreena was accompanied by fellow musicians Ian Harper on pipes, Brian Hughes on electric and acoustic guitars, oud and Celtic bouzouki, Ben Grossman on hurdy gurdy, accordion and percussion, Caroline Lavelle on cello and vocal, Rick Lazaar on drums and percussion, Hugh Marsh on violin, and Dudley Philips on double bass.