Help us keep the music live

I cannot tell you how much we’re looking forward to seeing everyone on our upcoming The Visit Revisited Tour this October. It feels like an eternity since we were last on the road.

There are two things I would kindly request of our audience members in order to make it successful. That is, that everyone be as fully vaccinated as possible and wear a mask during our performances. Moreover, if possible, please take a rapid antigen test before the show. These are precautions that will surely help other performing artists as well.

Please understand that is a personal request and not a mandate.

In this short, two-minute clip from a recent wide-ranging interview I did, you’ll hear in my own words how COVID has made performers vulnerable, and the measures we’re taking to protect ourselves and you during the tour.

Clearly, touring in the time of COVID is not for the faint of heart. There are many things about being on the road I wouldn’t expect most people to be aware of, or to trouble themselves with. But on this side of the fence, and particularly in these extraordinary times, there is a multitude of arrangements which must be considered in order to keep the touring party safe, our performances on schedule and the tour viable.

One of the most significant considerations, is the fact that no insurance company has yet to offer artists coverage should they get sick from COVID. Aside from a health standpoint, if a show has to be cancelled or postponed, a tour that was financially viable can quickly morph into a tour that thrusts an artist into severe debt.

This is the reality of the gamble all touring artists and promoters are being asked to take as we try to get our careers back on track and bring the music live to you, our wonderful audiences.

So this is why we’re inviting you to strongly consider adopting our recommended precautions.

On behalf of myself, my team, our promoters and the many other artists hoping to go on tour, thank you for helping us keep the music live.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon,