Loreena’s 2006 appointment to the role of Honorary Colonel of 435 Transport and Rescue Squadron came to an end in November with a formal ‘Depart with Dignity’ ceremony that included an unexpected tribute. Loreena was awarded the RCAF Commander’s Commendation “in recognition for outstanding professionalism and dedication”. The commendation is considered a high military honour.

“It has been a great privilege to serve and support the Royal Canadian Air Force, as well as members of the broader Canadian Forces community,” said Loreena. “I am also grateful that my role as Honorary Colonel gave me the opportunity to contribute in such meaningful and memorable ways.”

Over the years Loreena’s responsibilities ranged from attending and participating in ceremonies, to joining assorted search and rescue exercises and witnessing preparations for natural disasters. Overall, the role of Honorary Colonel is intended to be a bridge between the civilian population and the Canadian Armed Forces.