remdayAt the end of April, Loreena was invited to be the guest speaker at the 89 RCAF Mess dinner at the Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida, U.S.A., which was attended by both American and Canadian military personnel. In her role as Honorary Colonel of 435 Transport and Rescue Squadron at 17 Wing in Winnipeg, Canada, Loreena delivered a speech to members and guests – one she feels carries an important and enduring message.

“I’ve given a version of this speech in a few places now. On one hand, I think it is immensely important that military personnel know there are people in the civilian population who recognize and appreciate what they do for Canadians, and the many challenges, compromises and sacrifices involved for they and their families.” says Loreena.

“On the other side of the fence, I have become increasingly concerned about how complacent and cynical the general population has taken their democratic privileges, …that democracy does not thrive as a spectator sport…that there has been a disturbing dilution of learning civics in the education system and taking ownership and pride in it.

Click here to read Loreena’s full speech in PDF format.

Honorary Colonel since 2006, Loreena participates in a range of official ceremonies, search and rescue exercises and other events. Her role is intended to be a bridge between civilian and Canadian forces.