Loreena’s catalogue comes to HD streaming & download

Aside from celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Visit, we are also soon to be marking another major anniversary – the 40th anniversary of the compact disc. Back in 1982 manufacturers promised listeners “pure, perfect sound forever” and this is how most of Loreena’s listeners would have first experienced the rich vocal sonorities and unique instrumental tones inherent in her music.

After years of concern about the relatively poor quality of the on-line audio experience, the good news is that CD-quality audio is now available for fans of streaming and download services. Once a specialist offering, all major streaming services (including Apple and Spotify) are moving towards offering a high-definition audio experience for their customers.

All Quinlan Road releases since The Journey So Far have been made available via specialist, high-definition, “lossless” services such as Qobuz (available in 11 European nations) and Tidal (available in over 60 nations worldwide). The rest of Loreena’s catalogue will soon be added.

The high-definition version of the catalogue will also roll out on Spotify, Apple and other services as they expand their offerings to embrace lossless audio.

For those who prefer a physical product, purchasers of The Visit: The Definitive Edition will also have access to a 24-bit high-resolution version of The Visit on the Blu-ray disc. The high-resolution stereo offers a sound quality beyond even that offered on compact disc.