Sheet Music

We’re in the process of revamping our sheet music store. While we do, you may submit your purchase request by email to Please note which songs you wish to purchase. Sheet music files are $4.95 CDN each plus 13% harmonized sales tax.

You will receive an invoice via PayPal and for orders of five pieces or less, you can instantly download your purchases from the PayPal invoice. Sheet music orders of six or more pieces will be emailed after the invoice payment is confirmed.

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Sheet Music for Lost Souls and The Wind that Shakes the Barley are not available at this time.

The following titles are available;

An Ancient Muse

  • Beneath a Phrygian Sky
  • Caravanserai
  • English Ladye and the Knight
  • Gates of Istanbul
  • Kecharitomene
  • Never-Ending Road
  • Penelope’s Song
  • Sacred Shabbat

Midwinter Night’s Dream

  • Breton Carol
  • Coventry Carol
  • Emmanuel
  • Gloucestershire Wassail
  • God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
  • In The Bleak Midwinter
  • Seeds Of Love
  • The Holly and the Ivy
  • The Seven Rejoices of Mary
  • Un Flambeau, Jeannette, Isabelle
  • Good King Wenceslas
  • Snow

The Book of Secrets

  • Dante’s Prayer
  • Highwayman
  • La Serenissima
  • La Serenissima (Harp Version)
  • Marco Polo
  • Mummers’ Dance
  • Night Ride Across The Caucasus
  • Prologue
  • Skellig

The Mask & Mirror

  • Bonny Swans
  • Dark Night of The Soul
  • Marrakesh Night Market
  • Mystic’s Dream
  • Santiago
  • Full Circle
  • Two TreesProspero’s Speech

The Visit

  • All Souls Night
  • Between The Shadows
  • Between The Shadows (Harp Version)
  • Bonny Portmore
  • Cymbeline
  • Lady of Shalott
  • Old Ways
  • Tango To Evora
  • Tango To Evora (Harp Version)
  • Greensleeves
  • Courtyard Lullaby

To Drive the Cold Winter Away

  • In Praise of Christmas
  • The Seasons
  • The King
  • Banquet Hall
  • Balulalow
  • Let us The Infant Greet
  • The Wexford Carol
  • The Stockford Carol
  • Let All That Are To Mirth Inclined

Parallel Dreams

  • Samain Night
  • Huron ‘Beltane’ Fire Dance
  • Standing Stones
  • Dickens’ Dublin (The Palace)
  • Breaking the Silence
  • Ancient Pines


  • Blacksmith
  • Stolen Child
  • Carrighfergus
  • Kellswater
  • Banks of Claudy
  • Lullaby