Nights from the Alhambra

Special guest musicians to join the tour

Loreena has invited a number of special guests to join her for performances in Athens, Istanbul and Madrid.

In Athens, on June 27th she was joined by five guest artists: Pavlo Simtikidis, the internationally-renowned, awarding-winning guitarist who has released 11 of his own albums; Evanthia Reboutsika, the celebrated Greek violinist; oud player Haig Yazdjian, who also performed on Loreena’s Nights from the Alhambra and Lost Souls recordings; Sokratis Sinopoulos, contemporary master of the ancient lyra who also performed on the Lost Souls, and Nights from the Alhambra recordings and toured with Loreena’s Ancient Muse Tours; and Panos Dimitrakopoulos, an accomplished Kanoun artist who also performed on the Lost Souls and Nights from the Alhambra recordings.

On July 1 in Istanbul, Loreena will be joined by the accomplished Turkish guitarist and composer Fuat Guner.

And for the shows in Madrid July 6th and 7th – both of which are sold out performances – she will be joined by three guest artists: Daniel Casares, one of the top flamenco guitarists in the world and accomplished Spanish artist Ana Alcaide on nyckelharpa, both of whom performed on Lost Souls and the new Loreena McKennitt Live at The Royal Albert Hall recording.

“I’m thrilled about the exotic chemistry all these musicians will bring to our performances,” says Loreena.

Joining Loreena for the duration of the tour are fellow musicians Brian Hughes on guitars, oud and Celtic bouzouki, Caroline Lavelle on cello, Hugh Marsh on violin, Dudley Philips on double bass and more, as well as Robert Brian on drums and percussion.