tourSmallWebImageHot on the heels of a highly-successful fall tour, growing excitement over Loreena’s upcoming spring tour of the American west and southwest, has prompted the addition of three additional stops.

The unique and intimate Trio Performance Tour, which begins March 3, will now include shows in in San Antonio, TX (March 6), Midland, TX (March 7) and Beverly Hills, CA (March 11).

This is Loreena’s first visit to the U.S. west coast since 2007 and mounting anticipation of the tour has already led to sold-out shows in some cities, including Austin, Texas; Santa Barbara and Folsom, California; as well as Bend, Oregon.

Normally performing with a full band in large concert halls around the world, the spring tour will instead feature smaller venues and a more intimate atmosphere. The music and stories will reflect Loreena’s travels in pursuit of Celtic history, from China and Mongolia to central Turkey and Ireland, but instead of the band she’ll be accompanied by her two long-time musical collaborators, guitarist Brian Hughes and cellist Caroline Lavelle. It is this trio formation that earned Loreena a 2012 Grammy nomination for Troubadours on the Rhine and tour performances will feature many of the songs from the album.

Since the tour cities are relatively close together the trio will also be able to travel by ground. “Travelling this way allows us to experience so many parts of the country from a more personal vantage point and to appreciate the regional differences,” says Loreena. “We haven’t been to the west coast for quite some time and I’m looking forward to being back – particularly during a time of year when the weather back home in Canada is still quite inhospitable.

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