Summer tour a journey to remember
‘Timeless and transcendent’

In just six weeks Loreena McKennitt will be taking The Mask and Mirror 30th Anniversary Tour to Greece, Turkey, Spain, Germany and Italy for what promises to be a magical and historical musical pilgrimage.

She’ll be performing her ground-breaking 1994 album by the same name, described by Billboard magazine as “timeless and transcendent” and undoubtedly one of her most celebrated recordings, selling over two million copies worldwide.

The summer tour will take her to some unforgettable historical venues, including an ancient castle, a fortress in the Italian Alps, a first-century Roman amphitheatre and a floating stage in a water lily pond nestled in an ageless alpine town. The tour includes 23 performances, the majority outdoors, with three concerts in Madrid and Athens already sold out.

The Mask and Mirror represents an unforgettable turning point in Loreena’s career, fusing Celtic, Moroccan and Spanish influences and posing questions that echo down through the centuries.

The tour promises to be a pilgrimage where history, music and magic mingle.

On June 15, Loreena will also be releasing The Mask and Mirror Live, originally captured live at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco in May 1994 for radio syndication throughout the U.S. and Canada. It’s available as a CD, 180-gram black vinyl and via digital music services.The first set on the anniversary tour will feature fan favourites, while the second set will include every song on the album and in their original order. She’ll be accompanied by musical companions Brian Hughes on guitar, Caroline Lavelle on cello, Hugh Marsh on violin, Dudley Phillips on bass and Robert Brian on drums.

“I started this recording by first travelling to the Galician, or Celtic region of Spain, and then on to Marrakesh and parts of Morocco where I journeyed down into the desert looking for inspiration,” recalls Loreena. “This took me into music and literature connected to 15th-century Spain, through the hues of Judaism, Islam and Christianity and I was drawn into a fascinating world of history, religion and cross-cultural fertilization.”

Fans have described The Mask and Mirror as an “immersive experience” with a “transporting mood”. One critic suggested it echoes “the melodic calls of the Troubadour”.

This is the album that earned Loreena platinum sales awards in Canada, Australia, Italy and the U.S., plus gold awards in Spain, France, Argentina and Germany, and cultivated new followers in Greece, Turkey, Scandinavia, Brazil, Mexico and Chile.