The Mask and Mirror
30th Anniversary Tour
Heads to Europe next summer

The 1994 studio album that’s been called “timeless and transcendent” turns 30 next year and to commemorate this milestone Loreena and her band will be performing the celebrated album in Europe next summer.

The Mask and Mirror was admired for its ‘cross-cultural fertilization’ of Celtic, Spanish and Moroccan influences, so it’s fitting we announce these dates first.

July 4th: Barcelona, Auditorio Forum
July 6th: Murcia, Plaza de Toros 
July 9th: Madrid, Festival Noches del Botánico
July 10th: Vigo, Auditorio Mar de Vigo
July 12th: San Sebastián, Kursaal Auditorium
Tickets to the Spanish concerts will be available to the general public December 14.

We’re hoping to soon share a full calendar of dates, cities and venues. Since each festival has its own timeline to announce, we are bound to respect those schedules. We know many of you travel to see Loreena and even plan your holidays around her performances, so at this point we can at least give you a peek at the regions we expect to visit next summer.

We urge you to regularly check our Tour page where we’ll be posting dates and places as soon as they’re announced.

Loreena’s studio album – her fifth – weaves together Celtic, Spanish and Moroccan influences. It’s been called “one of the most celebrated albums by the artist” and “a turning point in Loreena’s music” and has sold more than two million copies worldwide.
“This album was an historical and musical pilgrimage for me and I’m thrilled to be bringing it back to the European summer circuit and to be able to perform in so many outdoor venues,” Loreena says. “This is a milestone anniversary in my career and I look forward to celebrating it with so many people I haven’t seen in far too long.”
Loreena says she followed “paths of inspiration” and that the album “examines the questions that echo down the centuries – Who was God? What is religion, what spirituality? What was revealed and what was concealed and what was the mask and what the mirror?”
The first set on the tour will feature ‘fan favourites’ while the second set will include every song on the album. She’ll be accompanied by musical companions Caroline Lavelle on cello, Brian Hughes on guitar, Hugh Marsh on violin, Dudley Phillips on bass and Robert Brian on drums.
Self-produced, The Mask and Mirror recording features eight tracks, with Loreena accompanied by 12 musicians and a choir.