It is with great delight that we are joining with you this evening. For many, these past few years have not been easy ones and we’re reminded that one of the most significant and gratifying experiences we can have is something in common with others and to share it together in person. Many rituals, traditions and festivals over the ages have provided opportunities for people to connect. Tonight, I am honoured to be that point of commonality.

I have also long held that music is a special medium through which we can establish many unique and significant connections with one another, that in this universal language we can find threads of shared humanity. In this time of strife and reckoning I believe that seeking common ground through empathy and bridge building, which many of the arts can do, is a noble endeavour.

Although performing for others is an extreme way of creating those connections, I also believe singing or playing music together in a choir, a band or around a campfire are other ways and accessible to everyone. Although I can’t provide a campfire, perhaps we can experience something similar tonight if we invite you to join us in singing the chorus of our last song, Wild Mountain Thyme.

Thank you for making your way to joining us here this evening. It is so lovely to see you once again.


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Loreena’s recordings have achieved Gold, Platinum and multi-Platinum status in 15 countries around the world, and she has performed for many heads of state. She has received two GRAMMY® nominations and is renowned in the music industry as one of the first truly independent artists. In addition to her musical accomplishments, she was an Honorary Colonel in the Royal Canadian Air Force from 2006 to June 2024 and has been recognised for her civic contributions with an appointment to the Order of Canada, the Order of Manitoba and the rank of Knight of the National Order of Arts and Letters by The Republic of France. She was the recipient of Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden and Diamond Jubilee medals. FULL BIO

Out of consideration for all of the performers and audience members, Loreena respectfully requests that you refrain from unauthorized photography and from making audio or video recordings of this performance.

Loreena McKennitt (Vocals, Piano, Harp, Accordion and Keyboard)
Brian Hughes (Guitars and Bouzouki)
Caroline Lavelle (Cello, Recorder and Vocals)
Hugh Marsh (Violin)
Dudley Phillips (Electric and Double Bass)
Robert Brian (Drums and Percussion)

Dave Salt (Tour & Production Manager)
Errol Fischer (Production Manager)
Mark Clements (Front of House Audio)
John Hazen (Monitor Mixer)
Jojo Tillman (Lighting Technician)
Jonny McGowan (Stage Technician)
Will Freeman (Systems Technician)
Julian Hayr (Merchandiser)
Rachel Smith (Merchandiser)
Suzie McGowan (Production Assistant)
TBC (Bus Driver)
TBC (Bus Driver)
TBC (Truck Driver)

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I know most of you think of me as an artist, which of course I am. And it is my great honour to appear before you tonight as that person, the performer.

But I am also an advocate not just an artist on stage in flowing robes. There’s a whole other dimension to me. The truth is, I spend a great deal of my time and energy on civic matters and on issues I believe are fundamental as we navigate our way through time and our rapidly changing world.

If you’re interested, and only if you are interested, I would like to briefly share a few of my thoughts and direct you to a few resources that I have found insightful and instructive in navigating the times in which we find ourselves.