Under A Winterโ€™s Moon

Deluxe 3-disc vinyl collectorโ€™s set pre-sale begins August 25!

A three-LP set, pressed on 180-gram black vinyl and housed in a six-panel gatefold sleeve, captures Loreenaโ€™s exquisite seasonal live performance in a new, deluxe limited-edition package, which is available for pre-sale as of today .


This Under A Winterโ€™s Moon vinyl collectorโ€™s item is available in limited quantities and was pressed and packaged at the โ€˜gold standardโ€™ Record Industry in the Netherlands. This first pressing is limited to 3,000 copies and is expected to sell out quickly. It is available for pre-order now through the artistโ€™s store.

All pre-orders will be shipped for Oct. 20th โ€“ the same date the package becomes available through your favorite local record store and select online retailers, while quantities last.

The performance was recorded live during a series of seasonal concerts in a historic church sanctuary near the winter solstice in December 2021. It is an evocative miscellany of carols and tales that incorporates Loreenaโ€™s eclectic Celtic sound with elements of Indigenous oral traditions. It offers a connection to nature and the past and is an invitation to join in the spirit of the season.

As Loreena herself puts it, โ€œitโ€™s really a love letter to the seasonโ€.

The six sides of vinyl accentuate the rich sonic qualities of this in-concert recording. The three-LP set contains the full hour of music and the half hour of spoken word, as featured in the original 2022 compact disc release.

The concert includes award-winning Canadian actor Cedric Smith performing, in six parts, the late Welsh poet Dylan Thomasโ€™s nostalgic A Childโ€™s Christmas in Wales, each segment interspersed with songs by Loreena and her band. ย It also features award-winning Canadian Indigenous actor Tom Jackson reading The Sky Woman, an Indigenous creation story, as well as music and a reading by Ojibway artist and flautist Jeffrey Red George.

Loreena, who in addition to vocals plays harp, keyboard and accordion, is accompanied by Caroline Lavelle on cello and recorders, Graham Hargrove on percussion and members of the Celtic band The Bookends: Errol Fischer on fiddle, Pete Watson on guitar and 12-string bouzouki, and Cait Watson on Irish whistle.

Side One:

  1. Tom Jackson Reads The Sky Woman Story (3:08)
  2. Balulalow (3:04)
  3. Let Us The Infant Greet (2:58)
  4. The Wexford Carol (4:22)

Side Two:

  1. Banquet Hall (3:10)
  2. Dickensโ€™ Dublin (5:16)
  3. Un Flambeau Jeanette, Isabelle / I Saw Three Ships Medley (3:07)

Side Three:

  1. Jeffrey George Recites Winter Diamonds (4:19)
  2. Huron Carol (7:01)
  3. Let All That Are To Mirth Inclined (3:31)

Side Four:

  1. Snow (4:09)
  2. A Childโ€™s Christmas In Wales, Part One (5:00)
  3. The Holly and the Ivy (2:22)

Side Five:

  1. A Childโ€™s Christmas In Wales, Part Two (7:36)
  2. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (4:04)
  3. A Childโ€™s Christmas In Wales, Part Three (4:04)
  4. Gloucestershire Wassail (1:20)

Side Six:

  1. A Childโ€™s Christmas In Wales, Part Four (4:05)
  2. Good King Wenceslas (2:30)
  3. A Childโ€™s Christmas In Wales, Part Five (2:49)
  4. Coventry Carol (2:18)
  5. A Childโ€™s Christmas In Wales, Part Six (1:46)
  6. In The Bleak Midwinter (2:40)