Vinyl collectors get ready!

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Loreena is poised to roll out three more albums from her catalogue as limited-edition, numbered  vinyl records.

An Ancient Muse, The Mask and Mirror, and Parallel Dreams will all be released on vinyl through Loreena’s own independent label, Quinlan Road and available for pre-order now.



The first 100 copies of each record will also be personally autographed by Loreena. (* please see shipping notes below)

* Orders which include autographed items will be shipped from our distribution centre in Canada and are therefore subject to applicable international shipping costs. If you need help with ordering, you can email us at or call +1-519-273-3876 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.

The records will be available in retail outlets in North America beginning Sept. 30th and in European outlets on Oct. 28th.

The 180-gram, audiophile-quality records were pressed at Record Industry in the Netherlands and will be numbered and limited edition.

“We’re delighted that people clearly have an appetite for vinyl records – and in fact appear anxious to have my entire catalogue on vinyl,” says Loreena. “Each of these three recordings marks a special milestone in my journey exploring the history of the Celts. In some ways, Parallel Dreams is where my musical travel writing really begins. The Mask and Mirror started in the Galician region of Spain and ended in Morocco, exposing me to so much of the rich Arab influences in our own culture, while An Ancient Muse brought me to the Celts in Anatolia, Delphi, Mongolia and China. All of these journeys have been rich and inspirational.”

These latest vinyl releases will also be available at the merchandise stand on Loreena’s upcoming fall tour.


All autographed items will be shipped from Canada, so orders originating outside North America will invariably incur higher shipping costs. If you live abroad and plan to order additional items from Loreena’s existing catalogue you are advised to do that as a separate order, since it will be processed in the distribution centre nearest you and therefore subject to standard shipping fees only. If you need  help with ordering, you can email us at or call +1-519-273-3876 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.